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Carl-Edwin Michel
Bilingual Emcee

Carl-Edwin Michel has been covering the high tech industry since 2009 as a freelance journalist, speaker, radio and television personality.

He hosts a weekly tech show on CBC French radio and television to cover the ever-changing tech news. He researches, plans topics and writes segments before presenting on air. He also hosts the Cineplex Pre-Show, a video series that travels across Quebec in French cinemas Cineplex Entertainment and its sister channels.

Its specialties are in consumer electronics, computers, internet trends and interactive entertainment.


Emcee for Corporate Events

  • Electronic Arts Canadian Cross Studio Holiday Event – The Idea Hunter
  • Forum FinTech – Finance Montréal

Television and web achievements

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Science, Software Development – UQAM
  • Diploma, Administrative Sciences – Bois de Boulogne College
  • Diploma, programming – Herzing College

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