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Carl-Edwin Michel
Bilingual Emcee

Carl-Edwin Michel has been covering the high tech industry since 2009 as a freelance journalist, speaker, radio and television personality.

He hosts a weekly tech show on CBC French radio and television to cover the ever-changing tech news. He researches, plans topics and writes segments before presenting on air.

He also hosts the Cineplex Pre-Show, a video series that travels across Quebec in French cinemas Cineplex Entertainment and its sister channels.

Its specialties are in consumer electronics, computers, internet trends and interactive entertainment.


Page française & démo pour Carl-Edwin Michel


Emcee for Corporate Events

  • OCTAS night – Réseau Action TI
  • Sustainable Finance Summit 2022 & 2023 – Finance Montréal
  • Economic and Financial perspectives web event – Mouvement Desjardins
  • Forum FinTech 2021 & 2022 – Finance Montréal
  • Special and private event with partners – The Personal Insurance Company / Desjardins
  • Economic and Financial Perspectives web conference – Desjardins
  • Electronic Arts Canadian Cross Studio Holiday Event – The Idea Hunter

Television and web achievements

Academic Background

  • Bachelor of Science, Software Development – UQAM
  • Diploma, Administrative Sciences – Bois de Boulogne College
  • Diploma, programming – Herzing College

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