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Anthony Horng
Dynamic and generous

Perfectly bilingual, dynamic and generous, Anthony Horng offers his experience of more than 20 years at your service, in the field of events, in order to maximize the impact of your communication.

Anthony distinguishes himself by his dynamism, his generosity, his great capacity of adaptation and his sense of the rhythm: this is what allowed him to tread the scene of hundreds of corporate events, galas, inaugural parties, private events, large-scale sporting events and even government public consultations.

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As a communication consultant, Anthony is attentive to the needs of stakeholders, Anthony proposes to identify with you the result you want to achieve through your project / event and then, to participate in the creation of structured interventions -before , during, and after your event.

Inspired by the Design Thinking process and strategies to facilitate the human-centered experiences, Anthony accompanies you with your presentations, texts and scenarios to generate transformation and guest engagement at your event.

Anthony’s background is in theatre from Concordia University as well as a Certified Event Designer from the Design Event Collective.

BILINGUAL | TV Experience

Topics of interest : Technologies | Innovation | Sales

Collaborate with Eklosion since 2019


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