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Anthony Horng
Dynamic and generous

Anthony Horng, a dynamic bilingual master of ceremonies, speaker  and communication strategist, brings over 20 years of experience to every engagement. Known for his human-centric approach, Anthony tailors presentations to deeply resonate with various and diversified audiences. He expands his role as an MC, focusing on enhancing event-based communications through thoughtful design, amplifying their impact.

In addition to his MC role, Anthony conducts workshops and offers strategic consultancy, emphasizing the power of storytelling to humanize corporate messaging. His mission is to foster authentic connections and leave lasting impressions through meaningful presentations.

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« Each presentation is a two-way conversation, not just a monologue. It’s about connecting with your audience, making every word purposeful and intentional. Focus on the ‘why’ behind your message, not just the ‘what’.  » – Anthony

BILINGUAL | TV Experience

Topics of interest : Technologies | Innovation | Sales

Collaborate with Eklosion since 2019


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