Eklosion | Animation, Maître de cérémonie, Service conseil | Maître de cérémonie Anglais
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Master of Ceremonies / Host

During an event, your Master of Ceremonies is a reflection of your organization and the spokesperson for the values and key messages that you want to convey to the audience in attendance.

Have you found the person in whom you have complete faith?

At Eklosion, this is our specialty: to date, we have been entrusted with more than 600 mandates to emcee various official activities and corporate events!
Are you planning one of these events?

  • Recognition event (for example, employees’ years of service)
  •  Annual general meeting
  • Banquet / Gala
  • Press conference
  • Conference / Convention

  • Honorary event
  • Forum / Seminar
  • Inauguration
  • Product launch
  • Awards presentation / Scholarship ceremony

Eklosion offers a wealth of services for business events, the most popular of which are the Master of Ceremonies/Host, Event Reporting and Spokesperson for a webcast.